Who Are We?

Arcus Immersive is a branch out studio from one of the North of England’s most successful animation companies, Arcus Animation Studios.
For years the award winning Arcus have balanced high quality commercial animation for clients such as the BBC and Channel 4 with experimental multimedia arts and immersive animation installations.
Following international success with the immersive film ‘Star Maker’ (award winner at the FullDome Festival, 2018) and subsequent development of our production software ‘Festoon’ (via UK Gov’s Audience of the Future programme) we thought that approaching the tenth anniversary of Arcus Animation Studios, it was high time that these forward thinking projects be given a home of their own… Arcus Immersive.
Where Are We?

We are based in the Tees Valley. Teesside University has, and continues to, produce an array of talented and highly creative animators, including our own Animation Director.
Infrastructure for the future of immersive and experimental media is growing through the likes of Animex and Tees Valley Screen.
Arcus Animation Studios was founded with assistance from Teesside University’s Digital City Fellowship scheme. We have an affinity for Teesside.

 The Bis | Whitby Street | Hartlepool |  TS24 7AD  plus link to the bis: https://www.investinhartlepool.co.uk/business-support-services/the-bis/  maybe with a few of their phots too?